Here’s how our peer mentor groups work

There are a couple common pathways to client-side leadership in localization.  One path may be to start at a localization vendor and shift to a client-side role, working up to leading a globalization team. For those of us who grow up in Localization, we stretch when learning how to be effective in our company.  For…

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The Global Guild is Continuing Education for Your Job and Your Career

First established in medieval times, guilds were associations of craftsmen and merchants cooperating to further mutual interests, which gave them considerable power. Since then, guilds have evolved into groups of people with shared interests organized to support common standards and work in the interests of its members. Loy Searle, Founder and President of Global Guild,…

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Global Guild Launches Globalization Peer Mentoring Programs

Los Angeles, California, USA, September, 2019. Loy Searle is excited to announce the launch of Global Guild, a peer-to-peer mentoring consulting service focused within the globalization, localization, and content industries. Searle is Founder and President of Global Guild and President of Women in Localization. Experienced leading globalization teams for some of the most influential Fortune…

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