Find your Global Tribe!


About The Global Guild

The purpose of the Global Guild is to connect people within the globalization and content fields to a strong working peer mentorship group.

Each group will be limited in size to ensure personal relationships can form.

As an organization, and within each group, we all commit to helping each other through our knowledge; sharing (non-IP) best practices and being responsive when a member has questions that are time-sensitive.

We agree to not share beyond what is allowed by our employers (IP) and our contractual obligations (vendors, etc) - such as pricing information.

Our mission is to help each other grow strong globalization and content functions that support our companies, strengthen our industry and help each other grow and advance in our careers. We also seek to grow the visibility of our industry and raise it's strategic importance. We will keep shared information confidential unless permission is granted by the contributing individuals. We will support each other and create a space that is welcoming to our peers in a space of integrity and support.

We will also create best practices that help improve our industry. We will share generously of experiences - both successes and failures. We aren't an internet forum - although we capture a lot of great information. We are individuals forming real relationships that will help us all in our career. 

About the Founder, Loy

My career has been about building globalization and content organizations and helping companies go global. My mission today is spreading this knowledge through peer and company mentorship programs. I have led global content, globalization, and localization functional organizations for large multinationals including Google, Intuit, JD Edwards (Oracle), Mincom (now Ventyx), and Deluxe.

As current President of Women in Localization I am committed to the localization industry and the advancement of women within it. This is an awesome and rare community that I'm truly proud to serve. 

My goal has always been to help people and companies make the global leap. My new mission is helping others build scalable localization operations with well-rounded and well-supported teams. People, automation, process, and data are the heart of this work. We don't each have to have all the answers - we just need to know where to go for the answers. The global guild is about building small personal communities that have the answers and grow to be not just be helpful peer mentors but friends - your tribe.

Together we will make the industry stronger, and help each other grow.