Global Guild Launches Globalization Peer Mentoring Programs

Los Angeles, California, USA, September, 2019. Loy Searle is excited to announce the launch of Global Guild, a peer-to-peer mentoring consulting service focused within the globalization, localization, and content industries. Searle is Founder and President of Global Guild and President of Women in Localization.

Experienced leading globalization teams for some of the most influential Fortune 500 companies such as JD Edwards (Oracle), Google and Intuit, Searle has seen the globalization and localization industries grow exponentially during her twenty years in the business.

“Our goal at Global Guild is develop strong well-rounded leaders in globalization and content who will strengthen both their company and our industry, while helping each other grow and advance. This in turn, will increase the visibility and empower the globalization industry as a
whole,” Searle said.

Searle stressed that many people find themselves working in siloed organizations within larger multi-national companies with globally distributed teams. These factors make it challenging to build deep professional relationships and establish strong peer-to-peer networks that can answer tough questions or share best practices.

In addition, people working in globalization often come from other fields and receive little or no training in processes, technology, vendor management, global business practices, global leadership, and cultural awareness. In an industry where there more mentees than available
mentors, Global Guild’s mission is to change this dynamic and develop great leaders through the support and shared wisdom of their peer tribe.

“While there are many strong and innovative leaders in the globalization industry, the ratio of leader to mid- or early-career professionals doesn’t support everyone finding a mentor,” Searle said. “I created Global Guild because most levels of our profession don’t have the vital support that senior levels have – we can now be that support.”

Small groups of globalization professionals are led by an industry leader and brought together by Global Guild to create a community offering knowledge, a broader perspective, friendship, and support. Teams share best practices, learn from each other, and inspire each other to become stronger leaders.

Searle emphasizes that ethics and confidentiality are core Global Guild values. “While there’s an emphasis on sharing and exploring challenging questions to enable everyone to learn, sensitive information like pricing and IP is not discussed.”

Searle stresses that typically no one person will have all the answers, so knowing where to go for advice is important. “Global Guild is about creating small personal communities that have the answers, and aren’t only helpful peer mentors, but your friends – your tribe.”