Peer Mentorship Programs for Globalization, Localization, and Content Professionals

Find your Global Tribe!

The Global Guild builds small personal communities that support each other through sharing their experience, expertise, support, and friendship in a structured subscription program - your industry tribe. We connect the island functions in our profession.

Our goal has always been to help people and companies make the global leap. Our mission is helping others build scalable localization operations with well-rounded and well-supported teams. People, automation, process, and data are the heart of this work. We don't have to have all the answers - we just need to know where to go for the answers. The global guild is building small personal communities that have the answers and grow to be not just be helpful peer mentors but friends - your tribe.

Why Sign Up?

The globalization profession is deep, rich and sometimes esoteric. The tighter and more experienced your network is, the more knowledge you have access to to.

With The Global Guild, you will:

  • Build go-to knowledge community – expertise, friendship, support, thought leadership, best practices.
  • Grow knowledge, close gaps, build perspective, and improve decision making of members.
  • Support teams and individuals in “island functions” within their companies with external expertise and perspective.
  • Strengthen the talent across similar roles in our profession.
  • Define and share best practices.
  • Help our companies build stronger and more scalable global practices founded on our collective experiences.
  • Help individuals build leadership skills in a neutral space.
  • Learn from others who have gone before.
  • Share with others – what you have learned.
  • Raise all boats.
  • Grow a beautiful practice.